Robinson Township SCHOOL Taxes will now be collected by Keystone Collections Group.  Any questions regarding your SCHOOL taxes can be directed to either Keystone Collections Group at 1-888-328-0565 or by contacting the Ft. Cherry Business Manager’s office at 724-796-1551 extension 2420.  Please note the Township office and affiliated personnel has no information or influence on your school tax rate or balances due.

Robinson Township Real Estate Tax notices are payable to Tax Collector Alisha M. Kendall.  You may continue to remit payment to her as indicated on your tax notices.  Note:  Ms. Kendall will NOT be collecting SCHOOL taxes.  She is the Collector for Real Estate, Per Capita, Local Service Tax, Street Light, Fire Tax, and Fire Hydrant Tax.  Please see your tax notices for her in-person collection times at the Township office.  You may contact Ms. Kendall at [email protected] with any questions.